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15 December 2008 @ 07:41 am
Hunk's Profile  
Character Name: HUNK
Series: Resident Evil
Gender: Male
Age: 37
Species: Human
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Appearance: Standing at 5'10 and 170 pounds, HUNK is of average height, and has a respectably muscled build. He is Caucasian, clean-shaven with blonde hair and blue eyes, but is rarely seen without his trademark gas mask and helmet. He is also usually decked out in an armored vest and a variety of weaponry and tactical gear. HUNK has a very strong sense of military bearing, and doesn't slouch or slump, and his eyes are always on the alert for emergency exits and ambushes.
Personality: Nothing public is known about HUNK's history, or even his real name. HUNK has carried out a large number of successful operations, many of which he was the only one to return alive from, earning him the nickname "Mr. Death". He is a member of the Umbrella Special Forces, and single-handedly recovered the G-virus from Raccoon City, despite losing his entire unit. Cold, silent, and devoid of emotion, he is a ruthless warrior. HUNK is believed to be Death incarnate by those who know him, and jokes alluding to the fact that he is the Grim Reaper may very well not be jokes after all. He is extremely loyal to the Umbrella Corporation itself, but has no particular emotional ties to any of its employees.
Abilities: Being an elite commando in charge of the Umbrella Special Service, and a professional soldier, HUNK has training in many areas. Weaponry of all types, intelligence and counter-intelligence, survival, bio weapon physiology and disposal methods, electronic counter measures and counter-counter measures, helicopter piloting, fast roping, parachuting, camouflage, sniping, demolitions, and infiltration to name a few. He is also extremely deadly in hand to hand combat, favoring brutal and decisive maneuvers over flashy and fast ones.
Weaknesses: HUNK has his share of weaknesses, despite allusions to the fact that he is supernatural and invincible. When operating under orders, he will follow them to the letter, no matter the cost to himself or others. He is very cold and emotionless, and will not not help others, nor ask for help himself. His primary weakness would be his strong belief in his own abilities, and thus he has a tendency to underestimate people upon first meeting them. This has earned him a few nasty scars and defeats over the years.
Manhattanite or outsider? Outsider
History: HUNK received his training in the training facility located on Rockfort Island, where U.S.S. operatives were taught to deal against B.O.Ws and other biohazardous outbreak. When he began his actual mercenary career, he completed various classified operations in which he was the only surviving member of his team. Because of his high survival rate (and the low survival rate of his comrades), he was given the nickname "Mr. Death" by his comrades and also developed a rivalry with the notorious mercenary Nicholai Ginovaef, from the Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service (another of Umbrella's special task forces).

In September, 1998, HUNK was assigned to the USFU Alpha Team under orders from Christine Henri (Head Manager of Umbrella's R&D Facility in France) to infiltrate Umbrella's underground lab in Raccoon City, assassinate renegade scientist William Birkin and steal a sample of the G-Virus. However, the mission went horribly awry when Birkin injected himself with the G-Virus, turning into a monstrous creature. The entire Alpha Team was decimated and the T-Virus was leaked to the city. HUNK managed to survive the assault and procured a sample of the G-Virus that was in the pendant of William Birkin's daughter Sherry Birkin. Encountering hordes of creatures and mutants while escaping from the city's sewers and police station, HUNK successfully reached the extraction chopper on the precinct's roof. Afterwards, he was transported to the region of Loire in France, where he delivered the sample to his superiors.

After his mission in Raccoon City, he went through another classified operation in which he and his team transported a B.O.W. capsule to Rockfort Island. Although he has the utmost respect for the island's commander, Alfred Ashford, he also criticized Ashford's confidentiality policy in his report, as he refused to divulge the content of the B.O.W. capsule (an experimental Tyrant model).
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